Dispatch 5/Basecamp at 15,500′/4.30.08

Annapurna IV is a striking peak cutting the cobalt sky and breaking the jet stream. A long technical shoulder leads to it’s lofty summit, this will be our path. We now sit below this shoulder at 15,500′. Distant echoes of glaciers calving are now drowned out by thunder. Thunder.
The ascent from the […]

Dispatch 4/11,800′/4.29.08

We are in the high country now, 24,688′ Annapurna IV looms large above us. Still we have 13,000′ and many days to go. Our arrival in basecamp tomorrow will signify the beginning of the true climb.
We have travelled on foot for 5 days, Tim, Josh and our cook staff and 20 porters. We […]

Dispatch 3/Chame/4.27.08

We are on our third day of trekking on the Annapurna Circuit. Today, April 27th, we saw our first view of the ridgeline leading to our climbing and skiing objective, 24,688′ Annapurna IV. My heart couldn’t stop racing, reflecting the mountain view and the culture of Nepal.
Rapid growth is happening on this […]

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Dispatch 2/leaving Kathmandu /4.24.08

Besisehar, a small outpost I refer to as the heart of darkness at the roads end, is our destination today. The weather in the high Himalaya is not clearing for flights and delayed passengers are stacking up. We will begin our ascent from the wet canyonlike bowels of The Annapurna Himal jungle.
I prefer […]

Dispatch 1 Kathmandu 4.23.08

“US mum on terror tag” the headline read on the Himalayan times this morning, the No.1 English Daily of Nepal. I awoke to unidentified explosions at 5AM and until I finally heard the subtle percussion and flute wafting through the thick air of Kathmandu, it seemed I could not set down my third cup […]

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Team Interview from The Rest of Everest Podcast

Listen in as Jon Miller, host of The Rest of Everest Podcast, Interviews Ben, Tim and Josh about the expedition.The Rest of Everest can be found at therestofeverest.com 
 Click on the play button to listen to the interview.

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Welcome to AnnapurnaIV.com.
This is an expedition consisting of 3 friends, skis and a mountain. The climbers are Ben Clark, Tim Clarke and Josh Butson. They will be attempting Annapurna IV, a 24, 680 foot peak located in western Nepal.
Ben will be utilizing new satellite technology to send trip reports to this website. Follow along to […]