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Dispatch 17/The way home/5.27.08

We have arrived at the trails end and the road home.
The morning of 5/23 we boarded a plane in Jomosom, a tiny Nepali airstrip located between the Annapurna and Dhauligiri ranges. The airline, Gorkha “Fly with us the gallant way”. What? Six expeditions here and I never really knew how to define […]

Team Audio Dispatch 08

Just received this audio message from Ben. The guys are nearly done walking out from the mountain and have just crossed Thorung La Pass (”La” means “pass”) and are hanging out with some of the larger locals right now…
Jon Miller

Click the play button to listen!

Dispatch 17/Manang/5.20.08

Warm Tuborg beer from a dusty brown bottle flowed through my lips while the howling winds of the Marsyangdi valley pelted the windows with sand and dust. I sat there shivering in the calm air after taking my first shower in about a month. We are now on the Annapurna Circuit, a popular […]

Dispatch 16/solid ground/5.18.08

Tossing and turning throughout the night, my eyes scoured tiny visions of darkness through the slit between my fleece hat and draft collar on my sleeping bag. Where was morning? A frozen water bottle held my watch around it’s mouth, inches from my ear but an eternity from the base of the mountain. It […]

Dispatch 15/no go! But we aren’t bummed!/5.16.08

Well, the time is here…up or down? It is an easy decision. We worked the weather window and conditions and now that is what is working us. We get to ski tomorrow!
When we elected not to leave camp this morning it was a good decision. Now that we have had steady […]

Dispatch 14/Whoa snow!/5.16.08

We just uploaded an audio dispatch and didn’t want to leave anyone out so here is the news.
We got some wind and snow last night and are experiencing some enormous wind slab avalanche potential above our current camp at 20,000′. Since most of our conditions have been moderate to considerable and the route to […]

Dispatch 13/20,000′ awesome day/5.15.08

We arrived in camp 3 today at 3 PM. We are now in the high Himalaya at 20,000′ and as wide eyed and ready as ever. For what? Everything a mountain can throw at you.
We awoke at 6:30 this morning, ready to meet the daily slush of Annapurna IV, but today was different-we […]

Dispatch 11/intermediate camp/5.14.08

Today was hard. Short, pumpy and physical. The snow and weather is deteriorating on Annapurna IV’s north ridge–and we are in the middle of it–but safe.
Josh and I climbed out of camp 1 at 6AM, it was beginning to cloud up below As I lead a block-or pitches of snow rock and […]

Dispatch 10/camp one/5.13.08

Himalayan climbing is challenging, pioneering in this great range is an even more daunting proposition. The mountain has spoken to us, it is all around us, it is inside of us as we melt and drink it to sustain ourselves. This is the awareness and connection I come here for. It is […]

Dispatch 9/Go time!/5.07.08

Twisting wisps of wind dance along the solemn northwest ridgeline of Annapurna IV. Playfully the dance has drawn us in forcing us to question, will the jet stream push away these little snow devils and surge the ridgeline with the power of a hurricane or will we enter a window of opportunity? We will […]

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